Library Board

Cindy Cox, President

Jackie von Thun, Vice President

David Alligood, Treasurer

Jody Restivo, Assistant Treasurer

Kelly Keller, Secretary

Lori Palmieri, Assistant Secretary

Michaela Remtulla, At-Large

Charline Barnes Rowland, At-Large

Courtney Sullivan, At-Large

South Fayette Township Library is currently accepting applications for individuals interested in filling a vacancy on the Board of Directors.

The Library Board is responsible for promoting the mission of the library, representing and advocating for the library throughout the community. Additionally, the Library Board is tasked with directing the funds and policies of South Fayette Township Library, and overseeing general management of the library. Opportunities exist to serve in the capacity of an officer on the Library Board or as a member of a committee.

Members of the Board serve three year terms, and are permitted to serve a maximum of two terms. Board members attend a monthly meeting (second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.) and are expected to periodically attend Bridgeville Public Library Board Meetings in relation to the libraries’ current contract for management. To be eligible for consideration the applicant must be an adult resident of South Fayette Township.

Interested residents please send a  completed application to:

Board of Directors
South Fayette Township Library
515 Millers Run Road
South Fayette, PA  15064

or electronically to