Take & Make Bundles: Program kits including STEM, Crafts & Self-Care

In-person programming is currently on hold at the library, but we have Take & Make bundles for all ages, where you can schedule a curbside appointment, pick up a bundle and make an awesome creation at home!

Request a kit & schedule a curbside appointment to pick it up.

Bundles include take home programs for STEM, Crafts, and self-care.

Below is a full description of all the kits:

Nature Explorers (Preschoolers – early elementary school)

  • Life Cycle of the Butterfly: Learn about the life cycle of the butterfly and make a butterfly feeder.
  • Rocks & Rock Collecting: Learn about how to collect and test rocks scientifically. Create Kindness rocks to share with others.
  • Shadow Science and fun with Sidewalk Chalk Drawing: Learn about the science of shadows, measure your shadow at different times of the day and explore drawing with sidewalk chalk. Two kits in one!
  • Sun Fun: Make a Sun Catcher and explore the effects of UV rays by making a sun print!

Crafty Corner (For preschoolers with adult supervision and elementary students)

  • Flying Dragon Craft:  Make a fun paper airplane style flying dragon!  You’ll need crayons, scissors and glue for this craft.  Why not make a traditional paper airplane, too and see which flies farther and faster?
  • Alligator Paper Bag Puppet:  Make an alligator puppet out of a paper bag!  You’ll need crayons, scissors and glue for this craft.  Why not request some alligator books to check out, too?

STEAM Kits (For kids of all ages)

  • Earth Friends: Harness the Wind – Sailboats: Build two sailboats with the materials enclosed. Try out different shapes of sails and race them in a tub of water. Which sailboat will go the fastest? 
  • Slime worms!: Currently unavailable. Please check back the week of July 27th. Use the materials enclosed with a grownup, scissors, water, and a bowl and make your own slime worms! Mix two liquids and create stretchy worms and balls of slime!

Homemade & Healthy (6th grade and up)

  • Bath Bombs: Enjoy some chemistry and self-care by learning step-by-step how to make bath bombs! *Food coloring is not included in this kit*  If you’re interested in learning more self-care recipes, check out DIY Beauty by Ina De Clercq.  
  • Glitter Shimmer Mask: Add a dash of glitter to your life and face with the Glitter Mask kit! You will be given most of the materials to make the glitter mask within the kit and step-by-step instructions on how to make the mask. *Double boiler not included in this kit*. If you’re interested in learning more self-care recipes, check out DIY Beauty by Ina De Clercq. 

Please be courteous to others. Supplies are limited, so please only request one of each offering per individual.